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Eco Battery Charger
Eco Battery Charger
The Eco Charger is an innovative new battery charger that allows you to recharge both Ni-MH and Alkaline batteries. Yes you did read correctly, it even charges regular disposable alkaline batteries that would usually end up in landfills.

The Eco charger is patented worldwide and is truly a breakthrough in green energy technology. This product has been researched and developed over a 10 year period. The current model charges AA and AAA batteries with other models in the pipeline. The Eco Charger is made in Taiwan, while there are a few alkaline chargers available in China, we have found none of these to be stable.
How the Eco Charger works
As opposed to regular battery chargers where one circuit charges all the batteries, the Eco Charger has four circuits, each battery is charged individually. Each circuit is controlled by a special microprocessor. Each battery's voltage and temperature is individually monitored by the microprocessor during the charge process. This ensures a safe and efficient charge.

The Eco Charger has been tested extensively around the world and has been awarded a number of Patents.
A breakthrough in Green energy technology
Tips and Suggestions
When batteries have been recharged store them in the supplied plastic holder or standing upright with positive poles facing the top. Many people make the mistake of throwing charged batteries in a draw where the positive and negative poles touch resulting in batteries going flat. These batteries will discharge completely rendering them useless.

We suggest using new batteries until a noticeable decline in performance is evident. At this point these batteries should be recharged; following this method will result in optimal recharging cycles. Old, damaged and rusted batteries should never be recharged.