How many times can alkaline batteries be recharged?

It depends on the quality of the battery. Brand name batteries that you see advertised work far better than cheap batteries supplied with a remote control or in some toys. Cheap batteries can be recharged 15 to 20 times; high quality brand name batteries can be recharged between 60 and 100 times. We suggest only using good quality brand name batteries in the Eco Charger.
Will the recharged batteries have the same power as a brand new battery?

Yes the battery will have the same voltage output , however the recharged batteries output endurance will be slightly shorter than a new battery. Each time the battery is recharged the output life is shortened until the battery is no longer usable. Four recharged Alkaline batteries can replace up to fifty new batteries, the monetary savings are substantial. The contribution to saving our environment makes using the Eco Charger a no brainer.
Can batteries explode when recharged?

Yes. Many manufacturers of alkaline batteries place the words “Do not recharge” on their batteries for good reason. Most chargers are not designed to charge regular alkaline batteries. Charging batteries incorrectly or in the wrong type of charger can result in batteries overheating. When this occurs the battery splits apart and corrosive chemicals could leak.